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Effingham Photography Traveling Workshop // Sports workshop, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

The Journey to Remember!  Have you ever had one of those weeks where literally nothing works out or seems to be going well? I have. It started as a normal day loading up my SUV for a workshop I was going to teach in Iowa. With ADHD, it was hard to sleep the night before, which isn't unusual in a mind that doesn't shut off. I had the SUV loaded, sweet tea at hand and radio playing as I was ready to launch out of Effingham. What should have been a 4 hour drive took more than 5. Leaving Effingham was just the beginning as there was a detour around the Wal-Mart/Interstate area because of a wreck. No biggie, but 30 min later (which shouldn't have taken one minute to pass through) starts to work on the mind. Is this going to be one of those trips? Why, yes. Yes it is. About an hour later I passed through another small town and all of the traffic lights were out. Why in the world are they out? Was it the enormous amount of storms we've had? Nope. At this point, it should

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